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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I fit for future withSystem S&P® Treatment Plant?
System S&P® compact module sewage plants are build to resist. That means besides the high quality of fabrication that the customer gets a treatment plant, that is highly explored and permanently optimised. The dimensionning is based on strict regulations. System S&P® modules can be easily adapted to changing requirements.vorgegebene Werte gereinigt werden kann.


Biologischer Sauerstoffbedarf, German for BOD
People Equivalent: Information parameter, that gives the level of contamination in equivalence to one human being. F.I. the contamination is as much as 25 people would cause, one says that is 25 PE.
Chemischer Sauerstoffbedarf, German for COD
Biological Oxygen Demand: Parameter that is used for indicating the level of contamination with biological oxidable ingredients. "5" is following the days that are taken to measure the BOD in laboratory, in mild climates it is usually taken for 5 days.
Chemical Oxygen Demand: Parameter that is used for indicating the level of contamination with chemical oxidable ingredients. The COD includes the BOD.
Ammonium- Nitrogen (ammonium linked nitrogen)
Nitrate- Nitrogen,
Nitrite- Nitrogen
Total- Phosphorus
N, P
N (Nitrogen) and P (Phosphorus) are nutrients. If to many nutrients are fed to a water body eutrophication will be the result. The water body will loose its natural equilibrium.
ATV- sheet 281
ATV is a German Institution that gives the regulations on water and wastewater. On sheet 281 the parameters of how to dimension a biodisk treatment plant are given.
DIN is the German Standardisation Institute. Bit by bit it is replaced by the European Standardisation (EN). The relevant Norms are dealing with constructional and technical matters.
The European Norm (EN) is similar to International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) but in particular cases they can differ a lot.