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Legal Regulations

Dimensioning, construction and start-up of System S&P® wastewater treatment plants are based on the following references and regulations:

  • 1. European Norm (EN)
  • 2. German Industry Norm (DIN)
  • 3. Wastewater-technical Regulations of the German Alliance for Water Management, Wastewater and Waste (ATV)
  • 4. Regulations of the responsible municipal insurance carrier (GUV)
  • 5. Regulations of the responsible Employer’s Liability Insurance Association (BG) (BG)
  • 6. Generally accepted regulations of technology

Additionally, the wastewater treatment plants have passed the following certificates and tests:

  • 1. Type approval of the German Institute for Construction Technology (admittance by the construction supervision Z-55.5-49)
  • 2. Inspection of the explosion protection by the TÜV Bavaria/Hesse (Technical Supervision Organisation)
  • 3. Hazard analysis within the CE conformity declaration
  • 4. Statics testing by the industry supervision office Bavaria
  • 5. Certificate of noise emission
  • 6. State of technology

Legal and Technological Basics

  • · 1. During the planning and designing of construction works, as well as for the carrying out of operational works, legal and technological basics have to be considered. From the rankings, these are EU-regulations, national law, law of each federal state, and sublegal by-law and administration regulations. In addition to this there are several technical guidelines and regulations.
  • · 2. As law and technical guidelines change from time to time, the validity has to be verified before application.


  1. 1. Important regulations on European level are :
    • Directive of the council dated 04.05.1976 concerning the pollution due to the delivery of special harmful substances into the waters of the community (76/464/EWG)
    • < li>Directive of the council dated 17.12.1979 concerning the protection of the ground water against pollution by special harmful substances (80/68/EWG)
    • Directive of the council dated 21.05.1991 concerning the treatment of municipal wastewater (91/271/EWG)
    • Directive of the European Parliament and the council dated 23. October 2000 concerning the creation of an organisation frame for activities of the community in the field of water policy (2000/60/EG)
  2. 2. Additional European regulations and other effective community law can be viewed on the internet at

National Directives

  1. 1. Important law on national level is:
    • o Act for the organisation of the water supply, water management law (WHG), in the version dated 12.11.1996 (BGBl. I S. 1695), revised by act on the 30.4.1998 (BGBl. I S. 823), on the 25.8.1998 (BGBl. I S. 2455) and 3.5.2000 (BGBl. I S. 632)
    • o Act on fees for the discharge of wastewater in watercourses, water toll law (AbwAG), in the version dated 3.11.1996 (BGBl. I S. 3370), revised by act on the 11.11.1996 (BGBl. I S. 1690), bye-law on the 21.3.1997 (BGBl. I S. 566) and the act on the 25.8.1998 (BGBl. I S. 2455)
    • o Act for the protection of the soil (BBodSchG) dated 17.3.1998 (BGBI. I S. 502) implemented on the 1.3.1999. This act is relevant for the wastewater treatment, as it is containing requirement for the desealing (§ 5)
  2. 2. By the 6th novella to the WHG, the legal requirements for the discharge of wastewater have changed fundamentally. General requirements base for the discharge of wastewater (direct and indirect discharge) is the State of Technology, following § 7a Abs. 1. These requirements re précised in detail by decree-laws, attachments to the wastewater law (before administration orders VwV) and as attachments to the framing wastewater administration regulation. The decree based on the wastewater origin has been overridden.
    • Decree on the requirements concerning the discharge of wastewater in water courses and the adaptation of the attachment of the water toll law dated 21.3.1997 (AbwV, last, third decree on the change of wastewater decree dated 29.5.2000)
    In the attachment to this decree, the requirements for municipal wastewater and for industrial applications are described. The different attachments, as well as hints on the relevant attachments in the scope of the BMVg are described in attachments A-12.1.2. For the different decrees, that means the attachments to the wastewater decree, the denomination and the numbering of the present attachment has been kept. For these cases that are not covered by the above mentioned decrees, the requirements of the present wastewater administration directive are valid:
    • General administration decree on minimal requirements for the discharge of wastewater n water courses in the version of announcements dated 31.7.1996 (GMBl. S. 729), revised in Bundesanzeiger Nr. 173/1996 p. 10686 (Rahmen-AbwasserVwV).
  3. 3. The fundamental aspect of commensurability has to be considered in case of adaptation activities for existing discharges, following § 7a Abs. 1 of WHG.
  4. 4. Basically, the following decree of the federation has to be considered:
    • Decree on security and health protection on construction sites (Construction Site Decree), actual valid version: 10.6.1998, BGBI. I S. 1283

Federal State Law

  1. A detailed overview on laws, decrees and administrational regulations of the federal states is presented in the attachment A-12.2, each with reference on the valid version in august 2000.

Regulations of Public Law

Regulations of public law are the following:
  • Municipal wastewater Articles
  • · Articles of the Wastewater Associations

Decrees of BMVBW and BMVg

The relevant decrees of the BMVBW (before BMBau) for the planning and realisation of construction works for wastewater projects are presented in attachment A-11.

Guidelines and Recommendations of BMVBW and BMVg

For the planning and designing of construction works for wastewater projects in federal property, the following guidelines and recommendations have to be considered:

  • Guidelines for the realisation of construction works of the federacy under responsibility of the Construction and Finance Administration (RBBau)
  • Construction Guidelines for the Realisation of Construction Works of the German Army (BFR) – General Information Nr. 151
  • Construction Guidelines Surveying (BFR Verm)
  • Recommendations Recycling
  • Guideline sustainable development