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System S&P GmbH

Ahornstrasse 27

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Ulmenstrasse 2

74592 Kirchberg/Jagst

Tel: +49 (7954) 9804-0
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Installation Concepts

Depending on the space conditions on site, the specific application and the plant sizing, modular System S&P® treatment plants in different installation concepts can be delivered:

Subsoil Installation

System S&P® house and compact treatment plants for subsoil installations require only a plain fundamental plate and are backfilled with the existing ground after the installation. For bigger plants, a pre-treatment of monolithic precast concrete elements can be added. The covering can easily be lifted over the length of the plant and assures comfortable access to all components.

Installation in Concrete Tanks

System S&P® produces rotating immersion disk units with a starting diameter of 2.5m. These are normally suitable for the installation in precast or on site-made concrete tanks. System S&P® lamella insets can also be used for the installation in concrete tanks. The covering of the tanks is normally achieved by isolated alum-trapeze profiles, supported by a steel structure.

Building Installation

System S&P® delivers prefab rotating immersion disk elements incl. diving tanks that can be installed in any hall or underground car park. The height is dimensioned specifically so that the water is fed into the following clarification step by gravity without the use of an additional pump.

Standard Container Installation

System S&P® delivers compact plants including all steps for temporary use or mobile purposes in 20’’ or 40’’ standard containers. In case of exceeding heat or cold these containers are delivered including insulation and air conditioning if necessary.