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System S&P GmbH

Ahornstrasse 27

Delivery Address:
Ulmenstrasse 2

74592 Kirchberg/Jagst

Tel: +49 (7954) 9804-0
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System S&P® has been growing to a specialist in Rotating Immersion Disk Technology for biological wastewater treatment. For these Biodisks, experience shows that the lamella separator technology is the most effective solution to implement for the required sludge separation. Depending on the application purpose, additional elements are added to the lamella separators, which are manufactured directly b System S&P®.

System S&P® is based on standard modules that can be combined and joined in various permutations. Through combination of above modules, custom-made plants are manufactured that meet the special needs of the client and which have been proven to be amongst the most economic solutions worldwide. Up to this point, more than 800 plants in 40 countries in sizes of 6 - 30.000 Peoples Equivalents have been designed, manufactured and installed by System S&P®

System S&P® runs an engineering and drawing department, as well as its own research department, besides the plant manufacturing. These core departments naturally impact the development of the product range.

System S&P® is a specialist for domestic and municipal wastewater treatment. Over the years, additional know-how in the tourism industry, agriculture, leachate treatment, as well as various other industries where biological wastewater treatment plants are used, is being gathered.

System S&P® is also an acknowledged partner in the field of modernisation, upgrading and renovation of existing plants.

System S&P® dimensions the plants according to latest European norms. However, on the global market an adaption to the local situation might lead to both, more or less requirements. This is subject to the conditions on site and in the region. Focus therefore lies within finding a solution that is economical and gives the customer the freedom to look into the future without having to fear that the technology is out-dated tomorrow. Maximum legal security with regards to the future requirements of the purification efficiency can be assured by using highest standards for dimensionning.

System S&P® specialises in the use of synthetics and stainless steel materials for the manufacturing of the products. All plants are composite constructions of these enduring materials.