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Plants for Private and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Following the standards and regulations of Germany, System S&P® differentiates between Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants, Compact Treatment Plants, and General Treatment Plants.

System S&P® offers its clients the possibility to receive a noncommittal offer for a required wastewater treatment plant.

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants are defined as plants up to a size of 50 Peoples Equivalents and a daily flow of less than 8 m³/d. For the benefit of a cost-effective serial production, these plants require an approval by the central board of construction supervision. System S&P® plants have the official approval of the German Institute for Construction Technique and are dimensioned following the actually valid DIN 4261 Part 1-4.

The plants are suitable for stand-alone properties outside closed settlements, mountain shelters, small settlement areas, restaurants, and asylums.

The treated wastewater can be discharged in any adequate receiving water body.

If such a water body does not exist, the possibility of surface infiltration or the installation of sand filters is an option.

System S&P® Domestic Treatment Plants are available as subsoil units or as above ground units. Above ground units are for installation in buildings. The domestic treatment range is available with integrated pre-treatment steps or as an upgrade of existing settlement tanks.

The modular system used by System S&P® allows an economic installation of the plants at a minor impact by civil works.

Compact Treatment Plants

Compact Treatment Plants are plants with a size between 50 and 1,000 People Equivalents. For the dimensioning, System S&P® uses the guidelines of the ATV-sheet 281 that is based on the latest technological standards. Due to this fact, the client receives a robust plant which is fit for the future.

Installations of this type are used especially for the wastewater treatment of town districts and small communities.

System S&P® Compact Treatment Plants consist of several cascades installed in cascades and in parallel lines, depending on the size. This modular concept offers the opportunity to enlarge the plant economically by easy installation of additional lines in the future. As such the treatment plant can grow with the development.

System S&P® Comp[act Treatment Plants are suitable both for separated and mixed sewer systems. They are often installed as an extension of existing non-aerated pond treatment plants. By using scoop wheel elevators in an upstream installation, the pre-treatment also serves as a peak buffer tank. The tank can then easily be used for rain water management. Screening systems installed upstream remove solid particles and hygienic products in bigger sized plants.

System S&P® offers all interested engineering consultants its support and its experience of more than 20 years in municipal wastewater treatment in the detail planning of compact treatment plants.

General Wastewater Treatment Plants

For the construction of general wastewater treatment plants System S&P® has developed rotating immersion disks with a diameter of 2.5m plus. These disks represent an economic alternative to conventional activated sludge systems. The enormous saving potential especially lies within low operation and maintenance costs of the fixed film technology.

The biggest plant delivered by System S&P® with a size of 30,000 People Equivalents is situated at the international airport in Bangkok.

In addition, with general treatments plants System S&P® acts as a general supervisor that delivers the complete technology that is required for a modern wastewater treatment, as well as handles the complete project.