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Modernisation and Renovation of Existing Wastewater Treatment plants

System S&P® is well positioned not only in field of new plants, but offers its clients also the possibility to extend or renovate already existing rotating immersion disk plants. System S&P® lamella separator insets are ideal suitable to optimise the settling conditions of sedimentation tanks. System S&P® is not only focussing on rotating immersion disk systems, but is also in the position to improve all general technical equipment in the field of wastewater treatment.

System S&P® offers its clients the possibility to receive a noncommittal offer for a required wastewater treatment plant.

Extension and Improvement of Existing Wastewater Treatment Plants

Aggravated critical values for the discharge of purified wastewater or higher flows because of the connection of additional settlements are very often leading to the necessity that an existing wastewater treatment plant has to be extended or modernised. System S&P® compact wastewater treatment plants represent an ideal solution, as any plant size can be realised immediately or in steps.

Especially for the re-fitting of existing un-aerated wastewater ponds, System S&P® is a competent partner. Very often, the rotating immersion disk unit is installed between the pre-treatment pond and the following fining pond. System S&P® compact wastewater treatment plants are also ideal for pond treatment plants that are fed by a mixed sewer system, as the pre-treatment tank is converted for rain water management by the installation of an up flow scoop wheel elevator. Of course, any type of rotating immersion disk plant that has been dimensioned for BOD-removal only can be extended by nitrification steps and up flow denitrification.

The purification efficiency of aerated wastewater ponds can be improved remarkably by the installation of rotating immersion disk rotors and that way a large increase of the biomass without concrete works.

The expected additional operation supervision is marginal, as the rotors of System S&P® rotating immersion disks are desludging themselves automatically.

In all existing sedimentation tanks the specific surface can be multiplied by lamella separator insets, so that a much higher flow is possible without negative influence on the settling conditions.

For extremely sensible receiving water courses, a simultaneous phosphate precipitation can be added. For the separation of big particles, System S&P® offers the installation of well approved screening systems of well known manufacturers.

Renovation of Existing Rotating Immersion Disk Plants

In the past 30 years, also in the rotating immersion disk plants huge improvements of structural and process technological nature happened. This development has been influenced in a remarkable way by the scientific work and innovation potential of System S&P®. In order to use these new developments for existing plants in an effective way, renovation kits are available for almost all used immersion disk plants. For the renovation, the improvement of the tank dimensions, the optimisation of the flow conditions, in the immersion disk tank, the realisation of a direct drive of the rotor axis and a maximum disk surface for the biofilm are of special importance for System S&P®. For certain plant types, approved components like drive and axis are taken over and only the surface for bacterial growth is renewed.

At the moment, System S&P® is offering renovations for rotor diameters stepless between 1,0m and up to 4,0m and for all kinds of tank dimensions. System S&P® is orientating as much as possible on the structural conditions, so that the installation even in difficult accessible rooms is possible. In order to offer economic solutions, the rotors are prefabricated as much as possible in our factory and then completed on site.