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Industrial Wastewater

Rising costs for drinking and process water directly influence the production costs of industrial companies. In addition, many industries face tough laws that require treatment of the wastewater before disposal. The only way to lower these costs is through the reduction of the water consumption by water and wastewater recycling, as well as by meeting the requirements laid down by legislation for wastewater disposal. The modular concept of System S&P® compact treatment plants assures a simple adaptation of the components to the existing production capacities, ensuring flexibility for future development of the company.

Due to close contact with leading scientific institutes, the System S&P® research section is continually developing advanced and economically interesting processes and process combinations. For this, System S&P® offers all established processes to recycle wastewater back into the water circuits. System S&P® offers all established processes to recycle both water and wastewater. System S&P®lamella separators type LMS can be used, for example, to easily sediment the particular matters of washing processes. With the System S&P®rotating immersion disc technology it is possible to eliminate all biodegradable ingredients of wastewater. Filters can be used to keep maintenance of the water cycle to a bare minimum, or for further upgrading of the treated wastewater.

In cooperation with its partners, System S&P® offers a total range of tertiary/ongoing purification steps through reverse osmosis.

In the food processing industry as well as in the construction of testing plants, System S&P® is especially in demand as a competent partner. In many other industries wastewater treatment clients also rely on the long-term experience of System S&P®.

System S&P® offers additional services like operating platforms, in-line measurements, or process and operating automation.

System S&P® offers its clients the possibility to receive a noncommittal offer for a required wastewater treatment plant.

Modular Wastewater Treatment Plants for Food Industry

Wastewater from the food industry carries the risk of triggering anaerobic processes, which then complicates the treatment. Inflow and peak loads are characteristic of these wastewaters.

System S&P® also uses the rotating immersion disk technology for highly organically contaminated wastewaters, mainly resulting in an extreme high oxygen demand. The required oxygen is sufficiently supplied to the micro organisms by intermittent exchange of the biomass into the atmosphere and into the wastewater.

The aerobic process avoids pungent smells from the wastewater treatment plant. System S&P® puts special effort on the buffering of incoming wastewaters. With the buffering an equalisation of the flow, the organic load and the wastewater temperature can be guaranteed. Besides the biological step, System S&P® uses floatation and separation techniques that are adapted to the special characteristics of the individual wastewaters. By the tertiary treatment step, a recycling of the purified water for cleaning processes is possible. In the beverage industry, as well as meat, fruit and vegetable processing System S&P® plants are installed successfully.

Testing Plants for Special Wastewaters

Despite having a history of over a hundred years of wastewater treatment, it is still not possible in many cases to definitely forecast a successful process combination for ever increasing complex wastewaters. Therefore System S&P® offers the possibility of using testing plants. In most cases, a combination of multiple treatment processes will be applicable for biodegradable wastewaters. For many different application purposes, testing plants in sizes ranging from lab scale up to half-technical versions are individually designed in the System S&P® special manufacturing department.

In cooperation with the System S&P® ®research section, tests can be carried out directly on site. In order to keep the costs for such treatment tests within an acceptable level, System S&P® has modular testing units that can be handed over to the client on a rental or leasing basis.

System S&P® has experience with the food industry, beverage industry, textile industry, waste management, washing industry, and paper industry.

Modular Wastewater Treatment Plants for Other Industrial Wastewaters

In principle all biodegradable wastewaters can be treated with System S&P® rotating immersion disk units. Due to the modular concept System S&P® plants are especially suitable for an adaptation to the specific wastewater. By exchanging, rearranging, modification of single components the plant can be ideally adapted to changing wastewater constitutions. This is a big advantage for the flexibility with regards to future development, keeping additional installation costs or required concrete works to a bare minimum. In addition to this, the modular concept ensures a plant modification within the shortest time period to assure a smooth production growth.

The aerobic processes used reduces pungency of the treatment plant, especially with regards to highly contaminated wastewaters. For System S&P® buffering of the incoming wastewater is very important, so that an equalisation of flow, load and wastewater temperature is achieved. This is especially important for companies that are working with flexible shifts in production, resulting in peak flows.

Aside from the biological step, System S&P® installs adequate floatation and separation techniques, depending on the constituency of the wastewater. By tertiary treatment steps, a recycling of the treated wastewater is made possible, for example for washing purposes.

System S&P®plants are successfully in use in the field of the textile industry, waste management, detergent industry, and paper industry.