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Wastewater Treatment for Hotels and Recreational Areas

System S&P® has gained specific know-how through long term experience in order to satisfy the wastewater problems that the world demands. In particular, our knowledge lies in the treatment of short term or seasonally variable wastewater flows, as well as the treatment of the purified wastewater for reuse as gardening,-process- or drinking water. System S&P® rotating immersion disk technology is characterized by an extremely low energy consumption which leads to lower ongoing costs of operation. The robust construction and the simple maintenance offer the advantage that specially educated staffs do not need to be employed by the operator of such a wastewater treatment plant. System S&P® installs plants for hotels, camp sites, sport areas and golf courses.

System S&P® offers its clients the possibility to receive a noncommittal offer for a required wastewater treatment plant.

Compact Treatment Plants for Hotels:

In planning and construction of wastewater treatment plants for hotels, the special wastewater characteristics of laundries and wellness areas are considered. System S&P® modular treatment plants can be installed on different floors and small rooms such as inunderground car parks or cellar rooms. Aerobe processes prevent any inconvenience of unpleasant smell to the guests. In especially sensitive areas, System S&P® offers the installation of bio filters for air treatment.

By installing additional/tertiary treatment steps, it is possible, for example, to reuse the treated water as process water, toilet flushing water, or gardening water. Even the purification for drinking water is possible.

Many references at leading hotel groups such as Hilton, Sofitel, Maritim, Taj-Group, or Oberoi-Group can give proof of the competence of System S&P®.

Compact Treatment Plants for Camp-Sites:

A remarkably lower wastewater flow per head and the resulting higher organic load represent the dimensioning base for camp-site treatment plants. The emptying of chemical toilets and their effect on the biological treatment processes are also considered.

System S&P® compact treatment plants assure sufficient equalization and buffering of these peak loads due to the multi cascade concept. As the efficiency of a camp-site rises and falls with the number of occupied places, the extremely small space requirement of System S&P® components provides a very important advantage. The installation of the prefab is finished within a few days, allowing the normal operation of the camp-site to be minimally disturbed. A further tertiary/ongoing treatment can lead to bathwater quality, if desired by the client.

Compact Treatment Plants for Golf Courts:

System S&P® considers two main aspects in the design of wastewater treatment plants for golf courses. First, to use the treated water as irrigation water for the green through tertiary/ongoing treatment. This provides a key advantage. Second, it is important that the plant adapts harmonically to the surrounding environment so that any inconvenience to the guests from technical installations is minimized.

Due to the compact construction concept of System S&P®, modular treatment plants and aerobe processes help to avoid the above mentioned inconveniences.

The specific wastewater streams of clubs, guest rooms, restaurants, and wellness areas are considered in the dimensioning of System S&P® compact treatment plants.

Compact Treatment Plants for Sport Areas:

Long term experience in the treatment of wastewaters with extremely high ammonia content as well as extreme fluctuating flows show that System S&P® modular treatment plants are ideal for the treatment of wastewater in sport areas. Special regard is given for the nitrification and denitrification efficiency of the foreseen plants. By adequate equalization of the flows, periods without any inflow need to be buffered to assure the supply of the biomass with nutrients. Through the use of adequate upstream installed plants for wastewater transport, such as scoop wheel elevators and controllable pumping systems with integrated flow dividers, System S&P® is designed for automatic plant operation.

System S&P® offers the possibility to irrigate the greens of the sport areas in an economic way through the use of tertiary/ongoing wastewater treatment technology.