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System S&P GmbH

Ahornstrasse 27

Delivery Address:
Ulmenstrasse 2

74592 Kirchberg/Jagst

Tel: +49 (7954) 9804-0
Fax: +49 (7954) 9804-20


Research and Development

Rising requirements in the field of wastewater treatment inland and abroad require the constant development of process technology.
System S&P® runs its own scientific department for science and research. For this reason System S&P® is in the position to analyze new solutions for wastewater problems and to develop these solutions for practical application.
From contact with scientific institutions at universities inland and abroad, solutions to wastewater problems can be solved which are far above the standard of other manufacturers.

Experiences and results of research and development contribute to the production of new products, so that a steady quality improvement is achieved.

For System S&P® the improvement of the fixed film process, as well as the tertiary treatment steps, is of special interest. In these areas, understanding of the combination of all possible processes and technologies is essential.

With this innovation force, System S&P® is in the position to react on changing requirements and conditions in the market and to satisfy the clients’ wishes with creativity, knowledge, and quality.