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Optimisation of the Tertiary Treatment

The necessary treatment of the wastewater is based on a combination of mechanical, biological and tertiary treatment. The chosen techniques and process combinations depend on the characteristics of the wastewater, as well as on the degree of the desired purification. Especially with regards to industrial wastewaters more emphasis needs to laid on the tertiary treatment step. Often, these wastewaters contain certain substances that provide great difficulty or even inhibit the biological treatment step. Therefore, tailor-made techniques take care of those substances while the “infinite” sewage plants takes care of the bulk. With regards to municipal/domestic wastewaters, additional treatment steps might also be required, especially if strict outlet values have to be considered, for example with a small receiving water body.

In the interest of the client System S&P® offers complete solutions even for complex wastewaters. Therefore System S&P® offers a well engineered solution which considers advanced tertiary treatment technologies in combination with the rotating immersion disk technology, as well as tertiary technologies for the upgrade of existing plants or processes. The variety of possible process combinations allows an individually optimised solution for all kinds of wastewaters.

It is possible, for example, to achieve a simultaneous precipitation of phosphorous in the biodisk tank. This can be achieved by a flow proportional dosing of the precipitation chemical. This allows for even very strict purification levels to be easily and reliably achieved. In the field of industrial wastewaters, for example, problematic suspended matter can easily be dealt with. This allows for the COD to be removed by flow proportional dosing of flocculation chemicals. Dissolved non-biodegradable substances can be removed by a following chemical wet oxidation step.